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dust trail from a grey hound headin' for the west coast as i watch you leave i find it hard to breathe and this aint how it was supposed to be if you're out chasing all your dreams tell me where does that leave me?
Thursday. 2.7.08 1:01 am
"You're one in a million, Jonathan," she confesses while we lay in my car.

Vee was in the middle of one of her anti-capitalism/anti-american/ i wish I were still living in Canada-rants when I heard my name escape from between her lips. I looked to her and studied her profile in the starlight before speaking.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean..."

She's under the impression that I'm an intellectual and that I'm nice to people. She even told me that she likes spending time with me and enjoys the hours on end we spend laying in my car together. She thinks I'm talented --- admirable, even.

She doesn't know me that well.

Oh please
You're too modest. So the "nice person" part might be a stretch *chuckles*, but the rest of it isn't so hard to believe. Unless I don't know you very well either.

Shh don't answer that.

Actually, shoot.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-02-07 01:52:14

Jon, you're a very intellectual person. the way you write the things you write prove that right there.

re: yes, I do believe that he does. one of the unfortunate imperfections to the human nature is that you can't control the chemistry you have with someone. regardless of how happy, content, in love you are with someone else.
» LostSoul13 on 2008-02-07 02:08:30

re: haha, this whole oblivion reaching experiment was set in motion months before the pats ripped my soul out.

and come on, I've been reading through here, talented enough to keep me checking your blog, that's like... the highest honor I've got.
» Dormanium on 2008-02-07 02:18:36

Lol. You crack me up.
And thanks about the layout. And you think buddha was scary in those pics..he weighs like 17 lbs now lol!
» lyndeep on 2008-02-07 06:28:07

Jon's only a nice person at times, the other times, he's simply playful.

I'm not much of an anime fan although I've been watching a lot of them lately. It's the best thing to have when you don't have any internet connection.
» Nuttz on 2008-02-07 10:09:27

I hear you, man.
Sometimes I feel the same way. I've had a few girls tell me about a crush they had on me, and all I can think is that there's another person out there who thinks I'm the perfect guy or something.

And I'm seriously not.
» middaymoon on 2008-02-07 10:45:02

I agree with her. You are intellectual and amazing, etc.

I also miss chatting with you on the interweb, but my stupid computer is broken, pretty mcuh.
» bananaface on 2008-02-09 01:37:27

Yes, that is the song. Haha.
» Cher_lyn on 2008-02-10 11:49:50

I hatchu.
I wanted to go to SXSW so bad.

Go to ACL too? we can hang. :]
» bananaface on 2008-02-11 12:02:57

i dont get this lol
» teresa on 2008-02-12 10:32:39

So even though you live in SA now and I live in Den-town... that doesn't mean we're not friends.

Eye miss chu.
» of_your_mind on 2008-02-16 11:09:16

Jon, you're one in eleventy-billion. Even though you write sonnets to other girls. As long as you never write sonnets about other islands besides Zanzibar, Zanzibar will remain content.
» Zanzibar on 2008-02-17 06:22:30

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