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Thursday. 8.3.06 9:54 pm
Un cero rojo en el contestador,
hoy, otro día más que no llamó,
bien, ahora tengo que desayunar y continuar.

' How was Andre's party?"
'It was... classy. ' Classy wasn't really the right word.. Elegant was more like it.
people were dressed up, live jazz band, abunchh of speeches. Wasn't the typical teenage party, ' But I was out of my element. '
'Soon, that will be your element, ' And she looked up at me, blue eyes twinkling in that old face of 'ers. I averted my eyes, to the ground, to the hall, then back to her.
'What do you mean?'
' I mean, when you stop hiding..'

I went to my highschool today to request a copy of my final transcript to be sent out to my university, and ran into my favorite teacher.. and stopped by a couple others just to say goodbye and say thanks. That conversation lasted alot longer, alot more was said, but that was what really got to me the most.

Hiding. I walked out of the school, perhaps for the last time in a long time,( hopefully, that place smelled like band nerds and makeout sessions. )wanting to see Moohell. Reflecting back on my days in Arlington, Tejas, she'd been probably the person I was happiest with, back in the 8th grade, the year after I moved here. Of course, I knew people longer, like Derek ( who is turning 18 in a few days and wanted me to go with him to his birthday party celebration.. at a strip club. He doesn't know me that well. ), but I don't think that theres been someone whos walked into my life who I've cherished as much as I once did her way back when we were freshmen. She'd convince her mom to give me rides home, and convince me to give her a piggyback ride.. Now that I think about it, those piggyback rides are only fun for the person riding. Just hardwork for me.

But I didn't see 'er. I got back into my car, returned my dad's call and went home since he asked me to.

I should see 'er in a week or so, for her birthday party. I remember going to the one last year, asking myself ' Why am I hear again? ' abunch of times.

I'm just out of my element at parties.
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Stepping out
of something familiar and stepping into something new is hard....but its there where you discover yourself the most....
» finelegsforever on 2006-08-03 10:07:38

I have a list and I've narrowed the colleges to like a list of 15...I really need to narrow it down to 5 which is getting pretty tough...so that's why I needed to do the college stuff today. My cousins ended up coming over...so my plans have to be delayed until tomorrow.
» Ajibalaji89 on 2006-08-03 10:47:45

thank you. (=
» Cher_lyn on 2006-08-03 11:59:48

parties = large groups of kids and awkward silence
that's how it is for me a lot of the time, anyways.

If you want the code for my layout, I'll e-mail it to ya if you'd like. I'll just need your e-mail address. [I won't keep it and send you crap. I'm not lame like that.]
Glad to hear you like my work! Thanks =)
» invisible on 2006-08-04 11:43:53

Jess said you visited her... you should have visited me too!!! I have GOT to see you before I leave. And you really need to meet matthew as well. maybe i'll see you at jess's housewarming shin dig? (I'm not going to her party... even if she does invite me, I think.)
» of_your_mind on 2006-08-05 12:58:01

and by her I mean... "moohell"
» of_your_mind on 2006-08-05 01:17:07

Your blog is very emotional.
» dave on 2006-08-07 12:50:33

I really liked the last sentence on the 3rd paragraph. I agree with dave.
» your_in_safe_mode on 2006-08-07 10:50:46

ooh fun. i love ikea. (=
» Cher_lyn on 2006-08-08 01:08:56

I especially like the library at school, because away from all the group study tables are individual ones, and right in the middle of them is this big open space with plants and trees and sculptures and stuff. And I always sit right next to the window, but yesterday I actually looked in there and it was exciting.

P.S. Maybe you just have to find the right party?
» okidpokie on 2006-08-08 06:27:58

who cares if i was underage? at least i wasn't doing drugs and have unprotected sex. there are worse things than a high schooler drinking beer.
» Chloefoxx on 2006-08-10 12:48:30

Did you still want my layout?
Let me know if you'd like the code. I'm happy to share!

Hope ya have a good week/end! =)
» invisible on 2006-08-10 11:08:55

cow tipping is just plain 'ol mean.
» Chloefoxx on 2006-08-10 11:12:28

good point...
that cow sucked.
» Chloefoxx on 2006-08-10 11:46:56

It's quite an appropriate one too.
He is indeed dirty.
» redintersectsme on 2006-08-12 08:31:16

haha you're probably right.
» redintersectsme on 2006-08-19 03:33:25



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