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' Goodluck. Don't screw it up :) '
Tuesday. 4.20.04 9:59 pm
Hope it hurts to watch me go.
But, enough about me.

Today.. today went by in a blur. I don't remember anything about it clearly, besides my last period of school. My journalism teacher gave me back my first roll of film that she did for me. She didn't like most of my pictures because I took them of objects ( Rocks, trees, and tables. ) rather than people. She liked two of them, one of a guy mowing the lawn inside/outside of our school ( WEird to explain ), and another of the sidewalk. Half of it was light, the other half was in shadow, and ther ewas like a vertical line seperating them.

I thought it was beautiful. Apparently, she did too.. but

" Journalism is about people, and events, and stories. Not sidewalks, trees, and benches. "

After school.. I waited for my sister as usual, while listening to musica. I really love having that MP3 player with me. Before it, I had a tape player which I still love to death, but.. the MP3 player is small, so I carry that around instead.

This week, so far.. has been good for me. On monday, I talked to my beloved Talia. On sunday, I talked to Taylor Landis. I've known both of 'em for years, and talking to them this past week helped me..

I'm not sure what it is about old friends like them, and Antonia.. antonia Mostly, but I can talk to them awhole lot better than the people I live around now.

Sometimes, I wish that I hadn't have moved from the lower class neighborhood to this fancy one I'm living in now. My family has lived in everything, from duplexes where we shared a roof with another family with just one door seperating our homes, to this unnecessary 2story house we've got now..

My favorite place to live was in a 1-story, 3 bed room house. I had friends in that neighborhood who I wish I could see right now. My best friend back then was Ivan.. he was from El salvador, and me and him and my sister would sometimes go to his house and play videogames. He'd come to my house and we'd go to church on sundays ( Shaddap, Luvr. ) I'd go over his house, and he'd microwave some nachos and we'd play super mario world 3 on his nintendo, or he'd come to my house and we'd play sonic the hedgehog three on my genesis..

Back then, I actually loved to go outside and play soccer or baseball. Back then, things were so much more..

More.. different. Now, I'm grown up and I haven't seen Ivan in a while. I go back to that neighborhood from time to time with my big sister, but we haven't been able to see him 'cause he's always working to support his family.

Back then, I would play outside and love every second of it.. Right now, I work outside and loathe it.

Back then, I loved spending time with close friends.. Now.. pfft. Close friends? I've got.. one, here. After I moved from that neighborhood, I didn't even try to make new friends to be honest. I didn't try at much..

I'm starting to try now.

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